Metamask error fetching quotes on polygon network mainnet

Metamask is a great wallet for tokens and I always thought we can swap any tokens on Metamask but surprisingly it cannot. My Ethereum displaying an ERC-20 icon got stuck on Polygon(MATIC) mainnet network. Initially, I was thinking probably the network was congested but after a few tries, it still displayed the same error on Metamask.

metamask error fetching quotes

Here is the solution, you can use the official polygon technology website to token swap >>

polygon matic token swap
polygon matic token swap
  1. Collect to your Metamask/WalletConnect. Always check the URL before connecting your Metamask, to avoid being hacked.
  2. Enter the amount, review swap, and approve.

After the transaction is completed, the newly swapped token will be displayed in your Metamask. It might take some time, the longest experience I have is about 30+ mins before it is displayed on Metamask.

There are more features you can use on polygon technology.
Gas Swap:

Do let me know if you have better ways of doing this or it is possible to do it in Metamask.

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